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  • 2015 JOG Paper Award

    The Journal of GeoEngineering is pleased to announce that the following papers were awarded the 2015 JOG Paper Award. Congratulations!!
    Best Paper Award
    Tzou-Shin Ueng and Che-An Lee (2015). "Pore pressure generation in saturated sand induced by one- and two-dimensional shakings." Journal of GeoEngineering, TGS, 10(2), 53-61. [Link]
    Excellent Paper Award
    • Pio-Go Hsieh, Chang-Yu Ou, Yung-Kuang Lin, and Fang-Chih Lu (2015). "Lessons learned in design of an excavation with the installation of buttress walls." Journal of GeoEngineering, TGS, 10(2), 63-73. [Link]
    • Janaka J. Kumara, Yoshiaki Kikuchi, and Takashi Kurashina (2015). "Effective length of the soil plug of inner-sleeved open-ended piles in sand." Journal of GeoEngineering, TGS, 10(3), 75-82. [Link]
    • Ching-Chuan Huang and Shan-Wun Yeh (2015). "Predicting periodic rainfall-induced slope displacements using force-equilibrium-based finite displacement method." Journal of GeoEngineering, TGS, 10(3), 83-89. [Link]
  • Congratulations!! The 2014 JOG Best Paper entitled “Slope displacement analyses using force equilibrium-based finite displacement method and circular failure surface” by Ching-Chuan Huang et al. has also received the 2015 Engineering Paper Award from the Chinese Institute of Engineers.
  • 2014 JOG Paper Awards!! [List]
  • Congratulations!! The JOG articles now are included in the Airiti database and are free to download through the following DOI link.
  • Congratulations!! The 2013 JOG Best Paper entitled "Investigation of abnormal seepages in an earth dam using resistivity tomography by Lin et al. has also received the 2014 Engineering Paper Award from the Chinese Institute of Engineers .
  • 2013 JOG Paper Awards!! [List]
  • Congratulations!! The application for backfilling JOG articles from 2006-2009 has been approved by the Scopus. Now, all of the JOG articles (2006-present) are fully indexed in the Scopus database.

The journal of GeoEngineering has Ei index by SCOPUS and EI Compendex database. The annual Journal rank can be found in SCImago Journal & Country Rank via . The articles in this journal are also collected and accessible in Airiti Online Library.


The Journal of GeoEngineering covers various topics in geotechnical engineering. Original papers are welcomed for the following areas: geotechnical engineering, geo-materials, hazard mitigation, sustainable infrastructure and maintenance, geo-ecological engineering, geo-environmental engineering, engineering geology/geological engineering, earthquake engineering, applications of geographical information system, etc. Practical papers emphasizing case studies and subsequent interpretations of mechanisms and behaviors are especially welcomed.

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