The International Conference on GEDMAR was established in 2005 following the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami hazard in Sumatra, Indonesia in 2004. The conference provides opportunities for discussions and communications of flood related geotechnical hazard caused either by earthquakes or heavy rainfall including hurricane and typhoon, torrential rainfall, and storm surge induced riverine and coastal flooding events, such as Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, USA, Typhoon Morakot, which devastated Taiwan and Philippine in 2009, and the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster in Eastern Japan. Recently, torrential rainfall has induced severe hazard in many countries including Japan, China, Nepal, Pakistan, the European countries and the United States. It has become increasingly important that the measures and adaptation strategies be drafted timely. Thus, a forum would be proposed to address this important issue.
The proposed 5th GEDMAR will carry on the tradition of the previous successful GEDMAR conferences held in Singapore, Nanjing/China, and Semarang/Indonesia and Kyoto, respectively since 2005, and is proposed to be held in Taipei, Taiwan.